Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've been waiting and waiting for 2 secretarial seasons to be called in by upper management to join the team of secretaries on the main floor. With Joan Holloway retiring and Lois Sadler surely getting fired, I thought that there would be room for me on the floor. But instead in waltzes Gayle King, a woman who can't even type, I heard she got the job because she knows a very influential lady called Oprah Winfrey...
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I created a pledge for Gayle to help her in her typing struggles. So Dear Gayle please repeat this pledge daily and you'll have the quick brown fox jumping over the fence to the speed of light

Monday, September 14, 2009


Mr Draper has a busy life and sometimes his wife does not necessarily make it any easier on him. Sometimes the poor man has to deal with his wife's terrible mood swings for 9 months. Thank goodness he did not have to see her hysterical outbursts at the hospital. No man should be privy to the inner dangers of the unstable minds of women.
One must really feel for the poor men, who have to wait around the hospital for hours while the wife is delivering.
It's a good thing Sally's teacher is such a kind woman, I really do feel she will be able to comfort him through his challenging time of having a new born at home.
He deserves an outlet. This pledge will motivate you to help him with his troubles.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


If you are wondering why I haven't updated my etiquette tales its because my typewriter was just too upset to type up my etiquette notes after hearing that Don draper lost his father in law. My typewriter was very close to his father in law so its been a difficult week. He's been crying black tears. Its been very messy. But my new pledge will be up soon!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Concerned citizens of the United States of America are outraged over a pledge made by some movie stars for a black gentleman. (I am afraid you are going to have to cut and paste, sometimes as a woman I'm not quite sure how to operate this blogging business and can't seem to embed the link, sincerest apoogies)

I am not quite sure who he is and have a sneaky suspicion it's really Mr. Sterling kidding around with his blackface.

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I usually post my pledges Sunday night for the beginning of the work week. But since everyone's a chitter chatter over the above pledge I thought I would put mine up early. It seems that parents are in need of something wholesome and inspirational especially for their young girls who will one day if lucky end up working at a prestigious agency like Sterling Cooper.
This one is dedicated to Roger Sterling, as a wedding present from me to him.