Sunday, September 13, 2009


If you are wondering why I haven't updated my etiquette tales its because my typewriter was just too upset to type up my etiquette notes after hearing that Don draper lost his father in law. My typewriter was very close to his father in law so its been a difficult week. He's been crying black tears. Its been very messy. But my new pledge will be up soon!


  1. Yes Fraud Mrs. King how many men did you screw in high school to get those nice grades and college .Give us a number is it 130 is it 250 or is it 389 . Please tell us can you ha ha

  2. Yes so you got a new spy of this person who know who I am and is close . Like you did with Lance White,Mike Peterson , Cindy my ex girlfriend and Jeff Walker . You got a bug on this person or some way recorded device where you can see me or hear me talking and video recorded of me . I did go to El Toro high school in 87 to 88 I am sure you have friends that have that book . Hope you are in Vegas you think about that