Friday, September 4, 2009


Concerned citizens of the United States of America are outraged over a pledge made by some movie stars for a black gentleman. (I am afraid you are going to have to cut and paste, sometimes as a woman I'm not quite sure how to operate this blogging business and can't seem to embed the link, sincerest apoogies)

I am not quite sure who he is and have a sneaky suspicion it's really Mr. Sterling kidding around with his blackface.

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I usually post my pledges Sunday night for the beginning of the work week. But since everyone's a chitter chatter over the above pledge I thought I would put mine up early. It seems that parents are in need of something wholesome and inspirational especially for their young girls who will one day if lucky end up working at a prestigious agency like Sterling Cooper.
This one is dedicated to Roger Sterling, as a wedding present from me to him.

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  1. Dear Perfect Secretary -- I'm glad to see you upholding the image of secretaries and Americans everywhere. I believe those reckless bohemians featured in the controversial pledge you recently posted from the so-called "movie stars" could learn a thing or 3 from you about the fine art of etiquette. And about using proper "mid Atlantic" dialect as well. Bless you.